Product Development / Prototyping

McKinna Sheetmetal uses the latest in 3D software for our development and prototype work. "Solid Works" is the industry leader and our design team are well versed in its use and applications.

We work with our clients to develop their ideas and concepts through to design - prototype - then finally production. 

At McKinna Sheetmetal we partner with our clients and practise active listening to define/refine and implement their ideas into a workable cost effective design that can be taken to market at a competitive price.

Prototypes are often crucial prior to a production run, ensuring the product performs to specification and  gives an opportunity when manufacturing that the product performs as designed. This process provides the opportunity to rectify any errors that may be present but not perceptible on paper.

It is during this process that  we can advise on specific ways that may reduce manufacturing time and cost by looking at ease of assembly, nesting of parts on the sheetmetal, number of bends to achieve desired outcomes and see where there are ways these can be reduced thereby cutting costs on future builds.