Powder Coating

At McKinna Sheetmetal we have an in-house pouwder coating facility reducing the turnaround time of your order. We utilize a 6.5mtr batch oven, 2 conveyor tunnel ovens and a large range of colours. Finishes include matt, gloss, satin or textured. 

Our affiliations with external industry specialists let us offer greater capacity - up to 12 metres long and 2.4 metres high. Access to individual powdercoating booths enables coating of unique and sometimes awkward to handle products that don't go on a conveyor line.

We can offer a variety of alternate finishes to your product, from anodizing, plating, chromating, abrasive blasting, screen printing, spray painting and powder coating - dependant on the look sought.

There are a full range of powdercoat colours available from top suppliers: Dulux, Jotun, Interpo, Asko Nobel etc